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A trip to Venice became a career defining experience for designer Dorian Webb. As a student at Yale University, Dorian spent a semester in Italy to study architecture. But her eyes kept straying to the colorful glass beads she saw in the shop windows. "They kept piles of these wonderful beads in bowls," Dorian remembers. "I kept going back to look at them. The colors were so luscious you just wanted to reach out and grab a handful."

Dorian got her degree in architecture, but was still more interested in Italian culture and its centuries old traditions of craftsmanship. She learned Italian, eventually becoming fluent, and put together a small collection of jewelry just for fun. A local gallery owner loved the pieces, placed an order, and Dorian Webb was officially in the jewelry business.

That was 1991. Today, Dorian Webb Inc.'s elegant and colorful semiprecious jewelry collection is sold at department stores and upscale boutiques throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. The success of the jewelry collection led Dorian to expand into other areas; Viaggio, which comprises her designs for Venetian glass chandeliers, was the result.

Her innovative designs have been featured in many magazines, and are worn by the casts of various television shows. The Today Show spotlighted Dorian's latest collection of semiprecious jewelry as a "must have" for summer. Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, and Sela Ward are also fans.

Dorian's work was first recognized for its beauty in 1993 when she won the Artisan's Award for excellence and craftsmanship at the New York Fashion Accessories Exposition. In 1998, she was commissioned to design an award for the American Red Cross to give to outstanding women in their respective fields.

Viaggio chandeliers were selected by the US Department of Commerce to represent the US lighting industry in a trade show in Brussels, Belgium, and the "Isabella" chandelier won the award for best in show for the lighting category at the High Point International Furniture Market. Most recently, Bloomingdale's commissioned Dorian to design chandeliers for its renovated dress department in its flagship store. Dorian also starred in an episode of "Your Private Island" on the Fine Living channel which followed her in her travels to the island of Panarea to find inspiration for her designs.

Dorian Web jewelry products

Sea of Pearls
Pyramid cluster post, white coin pearl, saltwater and freshwater pearl cluster with caviar caps and silver bits, tassel chain drop

Saltwater, freshwater pearl lariat with silver bits, cluster ends

Pearl cluster, silver bar earring

Freshwater pearl cluster earring

Quadruple drop pearl earring

Briolette pearl choker with offset mother of pearl flower

Freshwater pearl earring with caviar caps

White mother of pearl post earring with caviar cap

Silver bit, coin pearl, pyramid cluster, pearl cluster earring

Mixed mother of pearl, saltwater, freshwater pearls, chain, caviar caps and silver bit necklace

Chain, silver bits, pearl drops

Pure Silver
Textured, double strand, multi-sized silver link choker with toggle clasp 20"
Textured silver hoop

Textured silver multi-size bangle bracelet

Silver textured double bar post, double link earring

Single strand textured, adjustable multi-strand silver link choker

Textured double strand, multi-size silver link bracelet with toggle clasp

Silver chain, bit and silver bar drop choker

Textured double bar silver post, three tier chandelier earring

Silver bit and bar cluster dagger drop earring

Textured silver multi-size link bracelet

Dreamy Blues
Five strand multi-colored carnelian, aquamarine, amazonite, grey fresh-water pearl, silver bit, caviar cap graduated choker on slide clasp

Chain link necklace with large carved carnelian pendant COLOR MAY VARY

Blue quartz faceted rectangle wrap necklace with aquamarine, amazonite, grey freshwater pearl cluster and Peruvian opal pendant

Graduated triple strand Peruvian chalcedony choker with multicolored carnelian and silver bits on slide clasp

Silver bit, faceted carnelian, carnelian and Peruvian chalcedony cluster, Peruvian chalcedony drop earring

Triple strand, mandarin garnet necklace with pyramid clusters, faceted Peruvian chalcedony, and carved Peruvian chalcedony center

Pyramid cluster post, chain, peridot, coral, citrine, amethyst, iolite and garnet earring

Graduated triple strand multicolored semiprecious choker on slide clasp

Pyramid cluster post, semiprecious chandelier earring with caviar caps and silver leaves

Faceted blue quartz triple drop earring

Fifteen strand mixed semiprecious stretch bracelet

Pyramid cluster post, mandarin garnet, faceted Peruvian chalcedony earring

Touch of Topaz
Graduated triple strand carnelian, cherry quartz, crack crystal, pink chalcedony choker with caviar caps

Pyramid cluster post, carnelian, crack crystal earring

Foxtail chain necklace, silver leave, rhodocrosite, garnet, spessolite, crack crystal cluster with dagger drop

Chain necklace with silver bits and champagne pearl cross

Apricot briolette coin pearl choker with silver ramps

Apricot pearl cluster, apricot drop earring

15 strand faceted carnelian stretch bracelet with silver bars and caviar caps

Sea of Pearls
White pearl, Italian coral, rock crystal, mother of pearl, white jade intertwined collar with silver coral clasp , 20"
Silver coral earring with white pearl, Italian coral, rock crystal, mother of pearl, Venetian glass cluster, 3.25"
Dreamy Blues
Graduated quadruple strand blue topaz choker necklace with apatite and pyramid cluster accents, 15"
Peruvian opal chocker with silver domes, 16.5"
Silver dome, peruvian opal drop earring on earwire, 2"
Blue topaz cluster earring on clip, 1"
Blue topaz wrapped hoop, 2"
Pure Silver
Silver coral earring on earwire, 2"
Luxurious Grey
Double strand faceted labradorite teardrop choker with pyramid cluster accents, 16.5"
Labradorite faceted briolette earring on clip, 1"
Green tourmaline, caviar cap, labradorite drop earring on earwire, 2.5"
Labradorite faceted briolette bracelet with pyramid cluster accents and toggle clasp, 7.5"
Emerald beryl nugget choker with sterling silver accent, 17"
Emerald beryl nugget bracelet with toggle clasp, 9"
Large textured oval hoop earring, 3"
Labradorite briolette choker with silver bit accents, 16.5"
Caviar cap post, caviar caps, green tourmaline, green pearl, vessonite, labradorite cluster with labradorite drop earring, 2"
Triple strand green tourmaline, labradorite, green pearl, apatite, olive jade choker, 15" graduated
Five strand faceted labradorite choker with silver accents, 15.5"
Silver coral earring with cluster of vessonite, green tourmaline, prenite and labradorite on earwire, 2.75"
Labradorite choker with silver accents, 16.5"
Silver bit, pyramid cluster, labradorite drop earring on earwire, 1.75"
Labradorite faceted nugget bracelet with toggle clasp, 8.5"
Quadruple strand labradorite nugget choker with silver accents, graduated 15"
Apatite, labradorite, green tourmaline lariat 36.5"
Triple strand labradorite, apatite, green tourmaline choker, 17"
Coral, green tourmaline, labradorite, vessonite earring on earwire
Coral, aquamarine nugget earring on earwire, 1.75"
Touch of Topaz
Green tourmaline wrapped earwire, 18kt gold ball with emerald accents, beer quartz briolette earring
Silver textured hoop with cluster of hessonite garnet, beer quartz, yellow tourmaline and citrine, 2"
Hessonite garnet, citrine, beer quartz cascade chocker; 17", adjustable
Caviar cap, topaz venetian glass flowers, beer quartz earring, 1.5"
Beer quartz choker with silver accent 16.5"
Beer quartz with pyramid cluster on earwire, 1.5"
Soft Celadon
Silver textured hoop with cluster of green tourmaline, prenite, hessonite garnet and peridot, 2"
Triple strand green tourmaline, peridot prenite, hessonite garnet, green jade coker, graduated, 15"
Silver coral pendant with cluster of green tourmaline, prenite, vessonite, beer quartz and hessonite garnet on silver chain, 16"
Silver textured hoop wrapped with green tourmaline, prenite, peridot and hessonite garnet, 2"
Triple strand bracelet with prenite, green tourmaline and hessonite garnet
Prenite nugget, green tourmaline, peridot, hessonite garnet and jade cluster on earwire, 1.75"
Vessonite teardrop cascade necklace, highlighted with labradorite, 16.5"
Triple strand vessonite chocker with carved jade flower graduated, 15.5"
Seven strand assorted green tourmaline, silver bit, caviar cap choker, graduated 14.5"
Silver branch coral, green tourmaline cluster earring on earwire, 2"
Green tourmaline, prenite, hessonite garnet, green jade necklace with lion head pendant, 40"
Faceted prenite teardrops, green tourmaline, prenite, hessonite garnet, beer quartz cluster earring on earwire 2"
Vessonite faceted marquis choker with silver coral accents, 15.5"
Sea of Pearls
Silver cuff bracelet with white pearl, white quartz, rock crystal, Italian coral and Venetian glass cluster
White pearl lariat with silver coral, mother of
pearl, white jade, rock crystal, Venetian glass, Italian coral tassle ends, 50"

Triple strand mixed white pearl necklace on slide clasp, 15.5"
"Mixed white pearl necklace with rock crystal,
moonstone, silver bits and caviar caps with white Venetian glass lion head pendant, 36"

Foxtail chain necklaces with silver coral, white pearl,
rock crystal, and Venetian glass pendant, 16"

White pearl lariat with Venetian glass, rock crystal, 40"
White pearl, white quartz, rock crystal cluster earring on earwire, 1.5"
Silver coral, mother of pearl, Italian coral, rock crystal, Venetian glass pendant, 4.5"
Italian coral, white pearl, Venetian glass, rock crystal earring, 1.75"
Silver coral, Italian coral, pearl, Venetian glass cluster pendant, 2.5"
White pearl, Venetian glass and white jade earring, 1.75"
Pearl, silver bit drop earring, 1.75"
Venetian glass, 24K gold lion head pendant, 3"
Ocean Breeze
Peruvian chalcedony, aquamarine, blue topaz, moss agate intertwined collar with silver coral clasp, 21"
"Silver cuff bracelet with silver coral overlay
wrapped with Peruvian opal, blue chalcedony, blue topaz, 2"

"Chrysophrase necklace with warrior intaglio
and blue topaz drop with aqua quartz, chalcedony,
green tourmaline cluster, 76"

"Silver coral pendant wrapped with Peruvian opal
blue quartz, chalcedony and chyrsophrase, 3"

"Five strand Peruvian opal necklace on slide clasp with
silver bit accents, 15.5"

Peruvian opal cluster earring with silver bit accents, 1.5"
Foxtail chain, silver coral, chrysophrase, blue topaz,
aquamarine blue quartz cluster pendant necklace, 15.25"

"Aquamarine necklace with silver links, silver coral pendant wrapped with blue topaz, Peruvian opal,
chrysophrase, 37"

Blue topaz, green tourmaline, Peruvian opal, aquamarine, aqua quartz, chalcedony, chrysophrase necklace with cupid and boar intaglio, blue topaz drop, 34"
Silver coral branch pendant with blue quartz drop, 2.75"
Peruvian opal, blue chalcedony, blue topaz, green tourmaline, aquamarine mixed lariat with silver tassle ends, 55"
Aqua quartz, green tourmaline, blue chalcedony, Peruvian opal cluster with caviar caps, on earwire, 1.25"
Five strand aqua quartz necklace with silver bit accents, 18"
Double strand blue quartz necklace with Peruvian chalcedony, green hydroquartz briolette center, 18"
Blue quartz pendant with silver coral, blue topaz, chalcedony, green tourmaline, aqua quartz, chrysophrase cluster, 2.5"
Aqua quartz, chalcedony, Peruvian opal, Venetian glass cluster earring on earwire, 1.5"
Peruvian opal necklace with silver link front closure, blue chalcedony, blue topaz, aqua quartz cluster, chalcedony drop pendant, 15.25"
Blue topaz and chrysophase lariat green tourmaline, blue topaz, Peruvian chalcedony wrapped silver coral ends
Aquamarine, green tourmaline, blue quartz, chrysophrase, blue topaz cluster earring, 1.5"
Peruvian chalcedony, chrysophrase, blue topaz and aquamarine wrapped silver coral pendant, 2.5"
Silver cuff bracelet with Venetian glass lion head, 2"
Peruvian opal, aqua quartz, chrysophrase, blue topaz, Peruvian chalcedony, sea green quartz silver link necklace, 46.5"
Cupid intaglio earrings with blue topaz drops, 1.75"
Peruvian chalcedony, green tourmaline, Peruvian opal, blue quartz cluster with Peruvian chalcedony faceted drop earring, 1.75"
Cupid itaglio with sea green quartz drop, 2"
Captivating Coral
Red and white Italian coral, angelskin coral,
white jade intertwined collar with silver coral
clasp, 21"

Silver cuff bracelet with red Itatlian coral and
Venetian glass, 2"

Red coral necklace with silver links, silver coral, red coral, Venentian glass cluster pendant, 38"
Red Italian coral and Venetian glass cluster earrings on earwire, 2"
Red coral lariat with silver caps, Italian coral and Venetian glass cluster, 47"
Eight strand red coral necklace with silver accents, 16"
Italian coral, carved coral flowers and leaves, silver accents on toggle clasp, 16"
Double strand coral necklace with carved coral leaves and flowers, coral pendant, 16"
Italian coral branch necklace with silver coral accent, toggle clasp, 18"
"Silver coral, red and white Italian coral cluster
on earwire, 4.5"

Italian coral, silver dagger earrings on earwire, 2"
"Double strand white Italian coral necklace
with silver coral accents, 18"

Italian coral necklace with toggle clasp, 43"
White quartz and coral cluster earring, 1"
White Italian coral hoop earrings, 2"
"White agate carved pendant with Italian coral,
rock crystal, white coin pearls, 3"

White Italian long branch coral neckace, silver accents, 18"
Four strand Italian coral necklace on slide clasp, 17"
Pure Silver
Silver link necklace with large coral
pendant, 17.5"

Silver coral cluster on earwire, 1"
Large silver coral pendant, 4"
Silver cuff bracelet with silver coral, 2"
Double bar silver cuff bracelet, 1 7/8"
Single bar silver cuff bracelet, 1 7/8"
Silver textured bangle bracelet
Foxtail chain necklace with double silver coral branch pendant, 18.5"
Silver link necklace with warrior intaglio, 18.5"
Silver textured bangle bracelet with Roman intaglio, 2.75"
Foxtail chain necklace with Roman intaglio, 16.5"
Assorted narrow link chain necklace, 20"
Foxtail chain necklace with Cupid and Boar intaglio, 16.5"
"Assorted narrow link chain bracelet with
Cupid and Boar intaglio, 7.5"

Silver textured bangle bracelet with Cupid and Boar intaglio, 2.75"
Silver cuff bracelet with Cupid and Boar, Roman intaglio
"Silver textured bangle bracelet with Cupid
intaglio, 2.75"

Cupid intaglio earrings on earwire, 1"
Foxtail chain necklace with Cupid intaglio, 16.5"
Silver textured bangle bracelet with Warrior intaglio, 2.5"
Silver link necklace with silver cap and chain tassle, 33"